Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things...

So we are officially back on land that "is girt by sea", as goes the national anthem, that's right Australia, and to be more precise Adelaide, Australia.

It's day 6 and I am ready to curse the person who invented cardboard boxes. I have paper cuts galore, my hands are a ruddy black colour, my nails ruined and I am permanently dusty. Ok am a bit overboard there, but I just want you to understand that I am up to my armpits in boxes and I get excited when its NOT a cardboard box that I am unpacking or i get to tidy something or better yet do washing.

Then to make matters worse, we haven't even received the shipping stuff yet, so although I am now about 90% done with existing boxes (we had an entire furnished house) and there are about 33 on their way via customs. Customs just charged us $88 for alcohol - damn that WET tax, why do they tax wine so heavily in this country - so any day now.

Fortunately of the 33 boxes, about 80% of that will be bubble wrap. That of which we may have to donate to a multinational glass exporting company for re-use after, which could potentially save them $1,000's on shipping costs. Mark made wrapping the shipping into a high security military operation for which I did not have the correct authorisation codes or biometrics, thus was relegated to a desk job, aka spreadsheet data entry clerk. What fun.

So anyways...enough about me, ok want more. Glad to hear it. More there is. Well I have been to an agency already on Monday and they had 3 suitable roles, varying in my preference for them of course. They told me to give them 72 hours and let them work their magic, well success, I am lined up for 2 interviews already. Wish me luck. Mark fortunately is already working, though I say fortunately because it means he doesn't have to un-pack stuff with me.

Now this is nearly the end of Tourists on the Weekend, as we are definitely no longer such, more like Sunshine Devourers of the South, hmm, nice ring. Oh and my photo of the day project has clearly gone tits up. However, because I don't like things to remain unfinished I am going to probably change it to a Photo of the Week....maybe month....or a photo of the year....project just to complete it. Don't worry though, there will be more blogs to come, we did get up to quite a lot in our last couple of weeks in the UK, including a trip to Oxford and various parties. Photos of Egypt will follow too, just a few as most will go up on Flickr of course.

Ok well the boxes are calling me, they have a high pitched whine, its rather unsettling, so I shall get back to them and bid you adieu for now, whilst you contemplate if I should do a new blog and what it should be called... your thoughts please.

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Heather Anders said...

keep the blog ABSOLUTELY - just change the name :)