Friday, March 19, 2010

Australia's finest

I have been been enjoying all things Australian over the past week or so and thought to jot a few of them down for your entertainment....

1. Loving no queues, or at least small ones at the Post Office and in Government offices, less than 5 minutes on two occasions, amazing!

2. Toobs, Smiths Thins, Burger Rings....YUM

3. Fruchocs...YUMMIER

4. Cold Rock ice cream

5. Bickfords Lime cordial with soda water

6. Molenburg and Tip Top multigrain bread

7. Crumpets...they may have come from England, but the Aussies perfected them

8. Sunshine....

9. Hot water pressure, I nearly blasted myself through the shower screen when I took my first shower back home

10. Butchers - I hugged the meat cabinet at the butchers I wanted to get closer to the deliciousness that comes from a tasty moo cow born and butchered in SA. I could never be a vegetarian, and before you ask, yes if I were starving I would kill my own cow.

11. Veal Schnitzel at the local footy club - classy stuff!

12. Sunshine...yes...

13. Trees, shrubs and an abundance of flowers, and parks everywhere (don't get me wrong, Hampstead Heath is still pretty special)

14. Birds singing in the mornings

15. Comfy air conditioned buses, yes I do occasionally use such a mode of transportation

16. Airconditioning!

17. Getting to wear party shoes without London cobblestones ruining them

18. Did I mention the sunshine....

19. Traffic jams only take 10 minutes to get through...maybe 15 if you are super unlucky

20. Julie's home cooking

21. Peace and quiet, now my ears aren't the greatest, but its odd without the London hum that never stops

22. Seeing the stars at night...

23. Sunshine...just in case I did forget to mention it.

I shall add to this later...........there has to be more, I have only been back 7 whole days so I have more to find out about as yet.

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Shell... said...

...and it's great to have you back! Mind you, Adelaide has stolen many a pair of shoes from me... with it's large gaps in the pavement... :)