Tuesday, March 09, 2010

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye...

It's been said before, but its now really true.
That time, to go, that time has come.
My, oh my, wow how the time did fly,
Life has certainly swished on by.

It's been a blast, we've travelled far, and travelled wide,
so long as it was on the European side.
We worked hard in London, then spent our days and much of our nights,
booking plenty of dates, exhibitions, so many shows and cheap flights!

We've made amazing new friends, some mates for life,
which made it more special, more fun and more homely.
Though it makes it harder to leave,
and we'll certainly grieve!

It's been four years, four crazy odd years,
so much has happened, including some tears.
We've broken up, saw all that through, then later started fresh together anew,
but, sadly some tears were because, I lost my beautiful Mum too.

God rest her soul, she always said, "Do what makes you happy..."
So I always will, we're soldiering on, oh Mum and this ones for you.
The travels continued, as did the fun time,
oh and the dining, the food's been sublime.

We've travelled light, then heavier with arms fit to drop,
as heaven knows, you know, I really do like to shop.
We've seen London, Greece, Gent, Dublin, Paris, Edinburgh, Croatia, Turkey
Bratislava, Delft, Madrid, Sevilla, Salzburg, Vienna ..... are you bored yet.

The travel list it was long, and it was never wrong.
Our world its too wonderful, there is too much to see.
We only live once, and three lifetimes I'd need,
to squeeze it all in, so enough done, home bounds we speed.

This chapter is closing, such amazing moments been had,
especially in August with time spent with my Dad.
I will always be glad that I have had this opportunity,
a thank you to my husband, and to British immigration consent.

When all is said and done, my word Qantas never got it wrong,
and just like that famous song,
We still call Australia home,
so in sunshine, with family, that's really where we have to be!

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