Friday, April 10, 2009

Sunday Roast Update!!! Newsflash!!

Nope we still have not found the perfect place for a Sunday roast, am afraid the lovely Westbridge over in Battersea wipes the floor with all the pubs around here.

As per my last pub blog we still had a few to try and the latest attempt in the search was to try out the Pinapple, a wee pub tucked away just near Kentish Town tube station. The roast was almost spot on - full 3 slices of beef, roast potatoes & carrots, brocolli, cabbage, a Yorkshire pudding AND most importantly roast parsnip!! Oh if you've not tried roasted parsnips you are missing out, that is all I can say of the fantasticness that is roasted parsnips!

However, it was let down by a venue lacking in a little bit of spirit. It just did not feel quite right. The pub is lovely, high ceilings, glossy red walls, chandellier, gilt mirrors, with art deco gold gilt pinapples in the cornices, fancy caribbean lampshades with pinapples... you get the picture.

As for the atmosphere you just needed to be there, it was an old mans pub, and three of the locals "old men" were there. It wasn't busy the music was lacking, but oh well, I think we have deemed, at this point, that the Dartmouth Arms wins hands down, despite falling over on the offical roast test, well just have to go for their other yummy food instead!

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