Friday, April 10, 2009

Whether the Weather!

Well I believe we are due another weather update, as discussion of the weather is a very English thing to do. In fact last night they were advertising a TV show that is coming up just about English Weather, a series, the first show to be about rain. Hummm, not sure what they will cover over the rest of the series.

Though I hope they cover clouds, seriously! Over London some days we have what I like to call Simpsons weather. Sounds weird, close your eyes put your mind to visualise the opening credits of the Simpsons episodes, where the clouds part and then there is a clear bright sunny blue sky with fluffy silver and white clouds. That is precisely what it looks like here AND it is really lovely and they are my favourite days, as it adds such character to the day.

As for the show, well am sure there is plenty they can cover, after all we had severe floods a couple of years ago and this year was some serious snow (...never complain about snow....Marks rule).

We have been having lovely weather over the past couple of weeks, ever since daylight savings kicked in and its light till nearly 7pm now. I noticed it the first night back from skiing, it was like London had come to life, restaurants were full, pub beer gardens were pulsing, parks were bustling and tourists were returning (in droves) to London. A switch had been flicked on, bring on London summertime.

So we have ourselves been out and about a bit more. I have walked home across St James Park a couple of times, I have been out running, we went out in Angel for a few drinks in the garden and per my last blog wandered around St James Park in the sunshine.

Alas with Easter approaching, so are rain clouds. The original forecast was to rain all weekend, but yesterday it was due to rain today, and rain it certainly did. So it was not quite as fun roaming around Covent Garden and Camden markets. Though I was planning to do nothing, we ended up having a drink at the Hawley Arms before heading to Cuba bar in Camden markets for a late lunch.

We are in Chesterfield on Saturday and its expected to be sunny - so the camera is coming along too, hopefully we will get some beautiful countryside views.

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