Thursday, April 24, 2008

Battersea Rocks!

I know I have only been here a week, but seriously this is so great to live here! Why is it great, why am I peeing my pants with excitment and joy that my goodness I have been blessed by having found the most perfect location in London...well let me tell you why!

1. The commute is a godsend, the bus stop 30 seconds from my door, with 2 different buses that come about every 6-7 minutes....and together that probably works out to about 2-3 minutes for an appropriate bus.

Then i take my bus - albeit a NON-CHAV bus - past the stunning Battersea Park, across the gorgeous Chelsea bridge (pics below view on my walk home) to Sloane Square, passing beautiful buildings with terracotta red bricks and decorative pelmets.

Now, I have to say that I love buildings like this and I sigh blissfully and thank silently the people who once upon a time decided that it was ok to take your time building something, and god damn it while we are at it lets make it beautiful - none of this glass, glass and more glass, lets get it up in 2 days crappy buildings! commute, oh yes, then I take the District (Green line) from Sloane Square and its not too busy from there, and if it is lots of people get off at the next stop (Victoria) and so I get a seat. This line is mostly above ground so its not too hot either, which will be very nice as the the weather warms up. All up the trip to my current about 40 minutes door to door...

2. There is a lovely little coffee shop just near my bus stop at Sloane Square, and get this - THE COFFEE IS ACTUALLY GOOD...oh my god....that is where I am going every morning now.

3. My flat mates are really nice! Sarah made a bean pasta, made loads and shared it, and it was delicious. Cliff got fantastic pizza and shared that too, proper Italian stuff too, not the hideous Dominos stuff.

4. The room is a decent size and all my stuff fits in and I have a lot of stuff. Its also given me the incentive to go through my many clothes to sort out what I need and don't - its been a while since I have done that propertly.

5. About the flat in general, its always toasty warm, there is lots of light with lots of big windows, the rooms are huge, the kitchen is amazing (even has a dishwasher...woo hoo), the lounges comfy, there is a TV (which to be quite honest I watched one episode of Scrubs the other night and that is it...note I have been here since Saturday and its now Friday), we have a cleaner, there is plenty of extra storage, its very tidy (but no one is anal about it), and best of all is the outside space and deck, which has been nice to sit out on over the past couple of days.

6. The walk to the tube is about 30 minutes...but as with my commute it means I get to walk past (or through...) Battersea Park and over the Chelsea Bridge.

7. My corner shop is a Sainsburys Local, so it is decent with proper things that I need that are not over priced.

8. The overland train is a mere 6 minute walk away and 7 minutes more to Waterloo Station and you can go anywhere from there. Same if I catch a bus about 10 minutes the other way, gets me to Clapham Junction...again its like a train hub to anywhere in the South....

9. I am near all my friends who live in Surbiton, Putney, Battersea (the other side), Richmond, and London Bridge....and in general all, South...though Canary Wharf is not super close.

10. Well I just love it..............

Now for the photos,

View from Chelsea Bridge
Boats on the Thames

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