Friday, April 25, 2008

And so does Adelaide...........

Battersea is great, but so is Adelaide!!! Ra-delaide!

I have attached a few pictures from my most recent trip home to see my family and most importantly my Mum who is not well. She is doing great and a real trooper, her boxing gloves are on and she doesn't plan to take them off - go Mummy!!

I was lucky enough that I also had time to catch up with friends, those I saw when I popped into Santos, it was great to see you all - Avril, Jenni, Kelly, John, Debbie, Lynn, Sue, Ross, Ben, Lisa J, Lisa H, Megan, and I am sorry I missed more of you....I will def see you next trip.

I spent time with my best friend Laura and my sister at a play cafe called Jack in the Box, so we could have the wee children - Harry and Oliver - entertained while we girls had a good natter. Laura was lovely enough to organise a fabulously delicious dinner at Melt (tapas, pizza and a scrumptious chocolate pizza) to catch up with those who could make it - Eva, Mel, Matt, Scott, Emma, Craig, Paula, Chris, Tuti, Brad, Laura, Graham, so thank you to those who came, and to those who couldn't, your on the most definitely will see next trip list. You all know who you are!

Thank you to Chris, Saroeun, Scott, and Becs for taking me out for a yummy meal of wine and steak at 1877, to Saroeun for shopping (I hope you like your wedding gift), to Julie for cooking me a feast, Harry for entertaining me at Fasta Pasta (mum and dad - Laura and Graham too), to Michael for lending me his car, for Renee and Ben for letting me have a day with my gorgeous nephew (and for the video camera), to my Nana for having a good ol chat with and most importantly - to mum and dad for letting me live under their feet, boss the doctors around and hog the phone at all hours of the day and night.

And to the others I saw and spoke with I really loved seeing and speaking with you, you are not forgotton at all - Rosanna, Mel, and Amanda. Oh and a big congrats to John and Mel on their engagement too.

If I missed anyone I apologise....jet lag had my brain ceasing to function most of the time...or is that normal. Well I guess we shall never know. It was great to be back and Adelaide provided the goods in the way of home comforts for sure!

Harry and Laura at Jack in the Box - play cafe, and play we did!
Oliver in the Balls
Renee with Oliver at the Play Cafe
Dinner at Melt - Tuti, Lisa and Laura
Cute wee Oliver
Lisa, Laura and Renee....
Oliver with Renee, or vice versa...
Me with my loverly Mum and sister Renee
Jenny and Lisa - Happy Birthday Jen!
Oliver enjoying Jack in the Box
Lisa and Paula, lucky we were out at the same place..
Lisa and Mel
Crazy kids...Emma, Matt and Scott...but I wouldn't have them any other way!
Tuti and Brad with me!
My Nana with Oliver..story time
Proud Dad, Ben with Oliver...
Me and my other Mum - Julie
Eva, Craig and Me at Melt
Laura and Graham - cute!
Emma and I...
Sigh...reminiscing of Adelaide
Adelaide and the famous Popeye
Scott, Chris, Saroeun and I before out to dinner at 1877 for steak...thanks guys!
Saroeun, Becs and I before dinner
Family at home, Uncle Stuart, Dad, Mum and Nan...
My Mummy!! xxxxxxxx

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