Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And so I return....

Once again I am a Londoner...albeit now a South Londoner, with my return to the fabulous Battersea flat. While I rejoice in returning to what some may consider my glamorous life in London (ha...as if) I have on having returned to Adelaide come to see that my London life is all actually about me living my life to the full, being completely over the top and making it all about...well me. It's about living it up to the minute, in the now; seeing friends, shows, bands, even county's and countries on a whim.

Adelaide showed me what it will be like and what it is to settle down, or rather be ready to settle, to be more responsible, to grow up (or pretend to...), to understand what being a grown up is all about. To be married and settled with a steady job, albeit part-time job, and babies on the cards, in the belly and belting around the living room, most likely with dangerous items like scissors in their wee mitts. Adelaide is about being a family and more importantly being with your family, and of course your friends, who become extended family really.

So in the meantime I have to travel like a maniac, and make sure I see everything that I want to because it won't be long before I have to grow up, properly. In reality I can see that one does not get to randomly travel all over gods creation, with whom and when they want; its simply not normal. Well it could well be normal for some, some people have the option to live that life forever, but its a bit selfish to do so, and I am not ... not really a selfish person. It's about me for a bit now, but its not been about me for a very long time, so I am allowed!

Anyway I must get back to my glamorous life, which currently consists of me putting all my lovely books (finally..my room will be box free..its only been 9 months) in my brand new - thank you, you know who you are - bookshelf.

And a snap of what I can see from my new place...the beautiful old Battersea Powerstation, they don't build places like that anymore!


Anonymous said...

you get out of your system what ever you need to in London - Adelaide with its grown up life will always be here waiting for you.


Anonymous said...

just one more thing - am waiting on your blog on your time in Adelaide - Pictures please!!!!!