Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Years Resolutions!

Well what a year 2007 was and 2008 is going to be the year of years, this year is the coming of age of Lisa. It is so going to be a brilliant and fabulous year, life can only get better and better! I have now made my New Years resolutions to make myself a happier, healthier, more learned, more well rounded individual, yes that is right, an individual! Wow to hear myself say that is a very weird thing indeed!!

It's been nearly 5 months, now, wounds are healing, I have gone from a very low point to a very high point and somewhere in the middle, around and back again. I am the right in the middle of the Powderfinger Song....Up and down and back again...

The lyrics -

I can barely see up and down and back again
Despite what you believe I keep away from trouble
If who I am today's a sign of where I'm going
I'm ready to embrace

If everybody knows just who you are
When your walk on role becomes a major part
Have you ever attempted to be yourself
When everybody wants you to be someone else
Up and down and back again
Going up and down and back again

I think these words are particularly apt!! And the I have to stick to them!

a. Start running again
b. Pilate's for Monday mornings with Kate at 7am
c. Maintain current ideal weight

a. Proper meals at home 3 nights a week
b. Actually go food shopping once a week, proper food – fruit/veg/meat
c. Eat breakfast everyday – fruit/yogurt or muesli (muffins Fridays only)
d. No chocolate at work
e. 1 x coffee a day and no tea at least 3 hours prior to sleeping
f. Eat out properly once a week
g. DO NOT go out drinking more than 3 nights a week and in moderation

3.Well being
a. Take up French lessons again
b. Go to history events (i.e. Hampton court)
c. Read more books, at least 1 a month
d. Join a volunteer group
e. Get a massage every 2 months
f. Get at least 7 hours sleep a night
g. STOP Procrastinating!

a. Schedule friend catch ups in diary
b. Email friends and ring home more often
c. See at least 1 ballet, 1 opera, 2 shows & 2 bands (before Jun-08)
d. Organise holidays/breaks in advance - plans for Polo lesson, Belfast, Val d'sere (ski), Cinque Terre (Italy), Champagne, Korcula, New York, Eastern Europe (Contiki), Prague, Paris (again), Egypt and I am sure I could figure out more!

a. Get budget back up and running – and actually be responsible for spending!
b. Buy a flat in London

a. Get a permanent job!
b. Do more work related study.
c. Stay focused and organised!

a. Go to a concert on own or even a music festival
b. Update blog weekly

So there you have it... lets see how I go

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