Friday, January 11, 2008

Out of Order

Sorry I have been away from my dear blog, my link to the world beyond London, well at the moment, any part of the world beyond my flat. Between snuffling and snorting into countless boxes of supposedly Aloe Vera tissues (my nose is red raw and peeling so possibly more actual aloe content required - note to self to write to blasted tissue company) I have visited the doctor to discover that I - Lisa who never gets sick - has Bronchitis.

How can I possibly keep up with everything that is going on, plan things, work, go out, see friends and more importantly keep up with my own self proclaimed title of Queen of the phrase "no rest for the wicked"! Ahahh. I give up! Body what do you want from me...please tell me and if you get better for me, and pronto, you can have it! Rest, sleep.... are its probably very simple demands, but there is too much to do, anything but a request for that.

I cannot take it anymore!!! I am cancelling plans with friends, even into the next week, for fear that might agravate the already angry virus within me. I NEVER cancel unlike me, it's attacking my brain am sure. I am getting grumpy at work colleagues whose only crime is to attempt to talk to me, a small feat deemed impossible for me whilst I heave never ending reams of phlegmy tissues via my nose to the bin.

Eating is a chore - how can I possibly put food in my mouth, where that is the only means I have currently to breathe. Makes for very small mouthfuls and speedy chewing, to avoid gasping breathlessness at every bite. It must end.

The only good thing out of all this, is that I am actually enjoying my own company!! That and relishing at my new found potential to become a true workaholic, I have access to work files and email from home!! See I told you it was messing with my brain.

Ok well I think I might give in, just this once, to my bodies demands and go to sleep!

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