Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Day, Another Job

I have just recently, well nearly 3 months ago now, started a new job working at a company called WorkDirections UK Ltd. It is such a young and fun company to work for, the people are lovely and the commute is pretty much a non-event too.

Lots of people my age and generally younger!! Plus its full of "antipees" - Antipodeans - like myself! The Finance team alone has Down under very well represented; Shauna is from Perth/Brisbane, Jade is from Melbourne, Boris is from Sydney, Lorette is from South Africa, and Gavin is from New Zealand. That of course does not make the rest of the team less important, they just happen to be not from Down Under!

It is located at Royal Mint Court, which is right next to the famous Tower of London and Tower Bridge (the pretty one, the usually is mistaken as London Bridge - though London Bridge is a very boring one). Its also near Liverpool Street and Leadenhall Markets. I will get around to taking some pictures soon, to update this post with.

I was taking the Jubbly line from Swiss Cottage and changing at Westminister for Tower Hill, but discovered a quicker way from Finchley Road tube (yes I live near that one too) on the Metropolitan line right to Aldgate. I even usually get a seat and that is pretty special for a peak hour commute. Work is then just a short walk down to work from there. The walking is better to do and allows me to get my morning coffee too, its not Monmouth at the Borough Markets but its not bad!

My job is the Project Accountant for the new Pathways to Work project that they just won, so I basically look at the Finance side (and very much the non-finance side) of setting up all the new offices. I work with the Facilities team and the role involves lots of property, leases, lawyers, board business proposals and all the forecasts, actuals and budgets for the new properties. I am also involved in a few other things, like site finance audits, cash in transit, lease maintenance system, our new purchase order system, Pathways bank account and a bit of the month end.

They are certainly keeping me busy and well entertained, as I am sure you can tell from the Xmas party photos!!

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