Sunday, December 30, 2007

A lovely Xmas - 2007 Worthing by Sea

After a chilled out weekend in London, trying to nurture a cold that hit me like a tonne of bricks on the Friday morning; I packed bag, then headed to Victoria Station to farewell London for 5 whole days for a small family Xmas in Worthing by Sea with Anne.

On arrival my first request was for a visit for a walk on the beach, which is quite literally 3 minutes from Anne's flat and you can see her flat from the beach too. So after a quick dash to the shops to ensure plenty of champers was on hand, we went to the beach. It was quite dark, ominous, windy & bloody cold; but that is what I wanted to see and couldn't feel at thing in my lovely warm coat with scarf and gloves!

Annes lounge room decked out for Xmas

That night was spent watching TV, yeah! Lack of TV at home has clearly seen me become a bit too excited when there is one, hell I have found just watching the news and weather intriguing - what a sad sod I have become! Though news and current affairs was something that was lacking in my life - its amazing that the world does go on even when you don't know about it. Oh and Anne has introduced me to the joys of Eastenders and I am thinking that this could be a bad thing, as clearly my brain has suffered enough damage this year already. I also got a chance to call some lovely people at home in Australia, you know who you all are, so Mwahhh - big kisses.

Our Xmas tree

Xmas morning Anne and I were up nice and early to ring home to speak with Mum and Nana, so we both got to talk to our Mum's for Xmas day. Breakfast, brunch was celebrated with Ruth and Kennan, who popped in to share some pastries, scrambled eggs (a la Lisa - yes I can cook, I just don't cook, there is a difference!!) and smoked salmon - with champagne of course. Anne got me a CD and a perfume that I have wanted for ages, while I got her some Molten Brown (bath products) and a Tiffany keyring.

Lisa & Anne after opening our pressies!

Anne with Kennan & Ruth

Kennan & Ruth

Later that day around 4pm, after much tv watching, texting, reading and generally doing Xmas day nothings....which included watching Finding Nemo, we had a lovely Xmas dinner of roast lamb, vegetables, all the trimmings, plus more champagne. Xmas pudding, was later...though given size of stomach at that point...I should never have even attempted pudding. Nor the super filling Winter Pimms that we had, either (Winter Pimms is served hot with Apple juice along with apples and oranges). Stuffed.... then sleeping.

The itty bitty xmas tree

Boxing day was sleep in day, with tea/toast (vegemite....yummmm) for breaky, then another beautiful walk along the beach because the sun was out and despite the slight chill it was absolutely gorgeous outside. We followed this with a visit to Alison and Dan's to thank them for all Anne's presents (Alison is super generous) and for a cuppa. Anne and I had by then decided that we'd go to the movies and we saw St Trinians. Now it was quite funny (but wait till DVD)and it had lovely Colin Firth in it, so I had to see it, that and that was all the Worthing theatre was showing.

Worthing beach

Anne had to go to work on Thursday and Friday, so they were very much Lisa "free" days. Though I promised Anne that I would cook for her as a gift for letting me abduct her futon, television and lounge room for a couple of extra days.

Anne's Xmas boots that I absconded with for the week.. so warm.

On Thursday I went for a lovely long walk along the beach and also sat on the beach for a bit to watch the ocean, which is just so relaxing. Though my bottom was numb with cold after getting up to go home. What did I ponder? Lots and nothing - but who knows? But I have decided that I really love the beach where it be sunshine, grey, cold, hot, winter or summer - it is no matter to me.

Anne & Lisa on Worthing by Sea beach

I plodded off to the shops before Anne came home and ended up making a lovely pancetta and mozzarella salad with tomato & red pepper salsa, we had this with some cous cous and champagne!!! Plus dessert was Brambly apple pie...mmmmmm. Thursdays movies were The Queen and Breakfast at Tiffany's, because I just love Audrey Hepburn and now own the complete box set - yipppee, I can watch her anytime now!

Lisa's cooking goodies..

Friday I slept late and I think the long walk had exacerbated my cold as I was feeling worse than ever. So I decided to stay in and had a DVD day, which consisted of The Devil wears Prada, Bridget Jones Diary and Anne and I both watch Little Miss Sunshine. Dinner was pasta with a hallomi cheese salad - again a la Lisa!!

Alas Saturday I was heading back to London and I got a good send off, as Anne and I headed for a brunch fry up at a cute little greasy spoon cafe, just neatly tucked off the beach in Goring by Sea. The sunshine was brilliant, my sunglasses were just struggling with the light. Though when we tried to go for a beach walk the wintry wind was bitterly cold and we both could only endure a short walk before we had to get back out of the cold.

Goring by Sea

and more of Goring by Sea

I did have a lovely relaxed Christmas and I am lucky that I have family to spend it with... now back to reality, where was my list of New Years resolutions - I promise 2008 is going to be amazing ... I cannot wait!

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There is definitely a family resemblence between you and Anne!