Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow Globe

Friday night on 14th December, my friend Linda and I went to the Victoria and Albert museum to see a photographic exhibition on Lee Miller who was a famous model, come photographer from the US in the '30s. She did some great photos the most memorable would be ones she did of a severed breast from a masectomy served up on a plate, to represent the treatment of women. It was quite interesting.

After that since we were right next to the Natural History Museum and the ice rink, we went to have a peek. No skating as it was really cold and wearing a skirt I was not even going to consider risking it!! So no skating, well what to do?

They had a Snow Globe run by BA with fake snow to have your picture taken in, completely free too, so shoving some children aside (kidding...) we lined up and had a turn. We let the child in us take over for a bit.

We followed that with some lovely hot chocolate, fudge tasting, a turn in a massage chair in one of the stalls at the Xmas market there (complete with horror stories of ambulance visits - twice a day at least - to the rink from a stall holder) and a yummy Italian meal over at South Kensington.

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