Friday, December 07, 2007

Lisa is.....

On Facebook you have status updates where you are able to put in a comment about how you "is" right now...just a brief one and sometimes I think of so many but I never get a chance to put them here is how I am right now;

Lisa is thinking that salami at midnight might cause bad dreams

Lisa is wishing the week away

Lisa is wanting it be Friday, Saturday and Sunday always

Lisa is going to Pilates on Saturday, then because its just a quiet one she is going to Xmas shopping, then getting a pedicure and going out on the town with Sue!!

Lisa is wishing she had time to wrap the presents

Lisa is hoping that work will go away if she doesn't think about it

Lisa is glad her lilies are so beautiful.. big love and thanks to Jenni and Avril for those.

Lisa is sad her roses are dying

Lisa is not sure about Xmas this year

Lisa is going to have an amazing new years at a Burlesque themed high falutin' do in central London!

Lisa is trying to be chilled but is anxious about so many things

Lisa is losing her curves...she'd better eat up

Lisa is going to be very tired tomorrow, but her brain doesn't seem to care about that

Lisa is liking a bit o space

Lisa is eating too much chocolate

Lisa is loving the chai tea she is sipping right now

Lisa is wondering what time she will get to sleep tonight

Lisa will try and take the good with the bad, the ugly with the beautiful, the ups and the downs, and the hard knocks with the soft landings.

Lisa is interested to know what the council tax bill will predict, so she knows how many fewer pairs of shoes she can buy

Lisa is praying that my VISA is all - A OK!

Lisa is hopeful there will be no rain tomorrow

Lisa is not sure about wearing tights all the time....

Lisa is thinking the flat could do with a tidy, so much paper!

Lisa is being philosophical again, because she is good at that

Lisa is being told not to be philosophical, I think that is because boys don't get that.

Lisa is glad she has had a pretty amazing life so far...and again over with the philosophical
Lisa is wanting world peace

Lisa is wanting a greener planet and wonders whether she should go to the protest march on Saturday

Lisa is a green person and would love to ride a bike to work, but has no room to store a bike

Lisa is sure she'd get hit by a bus if she rode anyway!!

Lisa is glad that Mark is being a nice person

Lisa is knowing that Mark will always be a nice person

Lisa is happy that she is finally reading books again

Lisa is schooled up about Henry III and his five lovely brides

Lisa is wanting to see the movie The Golden Compass, because the books it is based on "His Dark Materials" are just brilliant

Lisa is desperate to go iceskating, won't someone come with??

Lisa is going to do all of the rinks around London this year, Tower Hill, Sommerset House, Hyde Park, Natural History Museum, O2 centre Disco skate and Hampstead Heath of course!

Lisa is loving her hairdresser he is a GOD!

Lisa is knowing that London needs to get colder so the Winter is a proper one, maybe snow for Xmas

Lisa really wants reason to wear gloves, scarf and beanie!

Lisa is missing her family and friends

Lisa is just wanting to cuddle her little nephew because he is just sooooo cute!

Lisa is 31 and thinking life is just beginning ... again!

Lisa is loving work, but needs a kick up the pants to be just a tad more motivated

Lisa is wanting a teddy bear to call GOD

Lisa is wondering if she should go canoeing for a couple of years

Lisa is going to meet the Queen of Australia next week - Therese Rein!!

Lisa is hoping people know the Prime Ministers wife is Lisa's current employer

Lisa is wondering why Therese is visiting the day after the work Xmas party.

Lisa is not going to sleep the night of the Xmas party

Lisa is wondering if she should have voted in the election

Lisa is looking forward to Bo's birthday bash, she is going as a school girl - Best Girl at that!

Lisa is going to do some work now as it won't get done in the morning

Lisa is promising not to eat more chocolate tomorrow

Lisa is not trying to impress anyone, that never worked before and its not going to work now

Lisa is who she is...and you love me for that.

Lisa is breaking out and its due to lack of vegetables and Lisa loves vegetables

Lisa is into historical fiction again, The Other Boeyln Girl is a good read guaranteed

Lisa is glad for the calendar on facebook, all will get birthday card from her

Lisa is going to stop now because this is getting just a tad silly

Lisa is really thinking that this is quite a fun way to get thoughts on paper

Lisa is hoping that her readers think so too

Lisa is wishing you all a good night

Lisa is tired, but won't sleep for hours yet!

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Lisa is georgeous!