Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Life in the UK..

Well I cannot tell you about the test exactly as I did sign a disclaimer to say that I would not discuss the question there within. After having done the actual test though I am thinking they want people to read the book and learn about life in the Uk before they actually do the test. Sort of scare them into thinking the test is quite something that it is not. Funny now, but while I was up late three night last week cramming to ready chapters 2-6 ready for the test, whilst writing copious notes, no not so funny right about then!!

However it is over with now, and having done the 45 minute, 45 question test in just 4 minutes, I feel my studying was worth the while and I am now a person endowed with the wealth of knowledge about what it is for one to be British. Quite hilarious really.

So just as a humorous example I will impart some of my found knowledge with you all.

1) The Prime Minister lives at 10 Downing Street (seems its imperative that you know this!!)

2) 51% of the population is women and 45% of them work (no I am not reading the book I did read it all and scarily enough my brain has actually retained these pointless statistics)

3) There are about 60 million people in the UK, 50.1 in England, 5.1 in Scotland, 2.9 in Wales and the rest in Northern Ireland

4) Ethnic minority is 9% of the population, made up of peoples mainly from the Caribbean and Asia (being mostly India) and of the 9%, 45% of them live in London and make up 1/3rd of the London population.

5) Schools are free in the UK and the council tax pays for schools, police, and rubbish removal

6) National Insurance pays for your pension when you are old (60 for women and 65 for men) and it also pays for the free healthcare by way of the NHS

7) The Queen is the Head of State and the Head of the Commonwealth (there are 53 members of the Commonwealth too), but she does not elect the Prime Minister, he is elected via his own party and they by general election.

8) The Uk will only adopted the Euro, by public referendum - yah like that is gonna happen.

9) Scotland and Wales have their own Parliaments, and Northern Ireland occasionally do, but its suspended as they are still fighting over who is allowed to sit in the speakers chair....well not really but its for some disagreement of sorts.

10) Georgies are from Newcastle, Scousers from Liverpool, and Cockney is from London

11) 71% of the poplulation are of some sort of Christian denomination, and this is followed by 2.7% Muslim and 1% Hindu.

12) St Davids day (Wales) is 1st March, St Patricks Day is 17th March, St Georges Day is 23rd April and St Andrews day is 30th November (yes ... this is in the book) .... so the Scotts celebrate my birthday....

13) The Uk does not have a constitution

14) The Uk joined the EU in 1973, even though it was orginally formed with the Treaty of Rome in 1957

15) Popular sports in the UK are football, tennis, cricket and rugby...hmmmm... they are not any good at them though

16) In the 1980's most of the migrants came from the US, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand - well really!!!

So now you are decently educated and you too might be able to apply to be British!! Though seriously Australia Rocks....

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