Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another year has just whizzed by .... alas I turned 31

Yes it was my birthday on Friday and thankfully I was spoilt as I don't think my 1st Birthday in London (does that make me only 1 in London years....) would not have been such fun. I got lots of lovely texts, emails and cards from home, thanks Laura, Amy, Av, Jenni, Mel, Michelle, Tasha, Rosanna, Renee, Mum and Mum, Scott, Michael, Chris and Saroeun.

Av and Jenni sent me some gorgeous lillies, which arrived on my birthday and are just starting to open up today. They look lovely with my roses, that I brought myself to celebrate my passing the "Life in the UK" test, more on that later, so step one to my next Visa is done.

I have a nice selection of cards too, most of which arrived in time for my birthday too. Royal mail was on form for a change, so feeling more hopeful they have cleaned up their act I actually went down to the post office the other day and got a few things posted off (fingers crossed). Hopefully they get there prior to Xmas along with a few Xmas cards that got sent out too.

At work, I did try to hide when my birthday was and I nearly got away with it. However, I must have let it slip a couple of weeks ago to one of the girls who actually made a note on her calendar! Damn it. So I got the standard work place humiliation which consisted of the entire office of around 40 people turning up at my desk (well my bosses, whilst I was in the middle of a heated discussion with him) with cake, donuts and lolllies, all belting out Happy Birthday to me. Well you can imagine that despite my knowing it was going to happen I was still stunned, and blushed a fabulous shade of red, that a lobster would be proud to show. I also got a box of chocolates and a card signed by everyone in the office.

It's an amazing cultural change from where I used to work, that is for sure - but you gotta love it, as it is moral boosting. There was talk of taking it away as it costs about 20 quid for each persons birthday, but seriously, I think the birthday extravagance of this company is imbedded in the company charter, much like the constitution, so would cause mass outrage, uproar, and possibly a full office revolt if it was taken away.

At lunchtime we had a casual lunch out at a local restaurant, very last minute and only just a few of us, but when time came to pay the bill, they would not let me pay. Lovely, very spoilt.

Friday night saw me meander out the door at a little before 6pm, which seriously in that office is an early minute on a Friday!! A few of us headed to Roundhouse, a pub in Covent Garden - in the pouring rain I might add (and its never ever rained on my birthday) - for a couple before heading to Doon Bar in the Albanach Pub on Trafagar Square for the proper celebrations. Lots of my lovely English friends were there so I was a very happy camper for the night and managed to get in lots of chats, drinks, presents, dancing and even a Tequila.

Alas it had to end and after much dancing and chatting the night was over and a cab was hailed. There was no hangover fortunately, lots of water and stuffing my face at 3am with cream cheese with ham and sundried tomatoes on crackers, saw to that.
The next morning I was a bit slow, a bit tired, but happier that I had moved to being 31 years old with a good time had!! Plus I was off to Worthing to see Anne so more fun was going to ensue.... the bonus was that it was brilliantly sunny too.

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