Monday, November 26, 2007

Relax, don't do it....

Just an update for you, I am the usual social butterfly, but making sure I have plenty of time to myself too.

This photo I took on the day of the once off Roberto Cavalli launch at the H&M on Oxford Street. It just so happened that I was doing a site audit at 9:30am that morning at one of my company's offices nearby, on Great Portland Street. I didn't queue up from 5am or anything like that, not a chance! But i walked straight in at 9:05pm (after the rush about 5 minutes before) and had my pick of whatever I wanted, as they were bringing out stuff left right and centre. No dramas, I just wanted one top! I got it and left them to the chaos!

The last couple of weeks have been crazy, I don't think I have ever had such a busy time in my life before. If its not work, CPD hours, its work drinks (though just a couple...last time I snuck in some waters that looked to the untrained eye like vodka and sodas, so I got away with that!! ahaha), or out with friends, or hair appointments. I swear I see my hair dresser more often than some of my friends. However, the great thing in London, is that we can catch up any night of the week and we do.

Tomorrow night is my big 31st Birthday bash and it should be a good night out. I have organised to go to a bar called Doon in Leiscester Square, and have reserved a spot there, it will be busy as the upstairs pub is Scottish and the 30th is St Andrews Day, so Scots will be out in full force upstairs.

Today also calls for a celebration as I did my "Life in the UK test" so I now can officially apply for my next Visa (whopping cost of 750 pounds - ouch on my pocket too), which allows me to live and work here for longer. Woo hoo.

I am missing all back home, but my travelling days are far from over just yet, there has been a minor (major...well yes ok major) set back during the second half of this year in relation to travel, but I am moving on and will do lots next year. Plus there is so much to look forward to with so many visitors. Chris, Michael, Scott, and Saroeun in April and, fingers crossed, Mum and Dad in June - hopefully I can get them up to Scotland, Ireland and over to New York too.

I also have a ski trip lined up - come hell or high water (though preferably high snow) I will be going - and also there is a Wedding for Mari and Barns in Korcula (Croatia) in early June. Oh and the treasure hunt, this one is a driving one in Holland in April. Then there is a Champagne weekend away in May that I am considering......ok I will stop now, don't want you all getting jealous and not reading anymore. Though seriously I will have to stop shopping, and think about saving better too (though again I mention stupid visa costs....urghghh).

Ok well just to say hello and I do think of writing on here, but I then just do not get a chance and end up on here writing random stuff when I do. Its my birthday today, tomorrow and I am really going to have a great day! So there! :-)

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