Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's getting hectic....and Christmas is coming...

Christmas lights near Bond Street station

Well the silly season is upon us, and it truly is very silly. The last couple of months have been quite a whirlwind, very much that I am really enjoying "me" time at home to sit, contemplate and ponder the greater things in life. No seriously I just need time to do my washing, read books, pay bills, wrap presents and write Xmas cards, things which I normally would have done ages ago, complete with computer printed labels! No such luck this year.

Just to give you a run down over the last couple of weeks;

Friday, 7th December
- had tickets to Powderfinger, but a cancellation saw me not being able to go, then I had a friend at works 30th, old school style near London Bridge to go to instead, followed by another party near Piccadilly Circus which saw me out till about 3am.

Saturday, 8th December
- was meant to be a quiet one, with Pilate's in the morning and then relaxing day shopping. It ended up with me sleeping in (see previous evening), an afternoon pedicure, followed by shopping on Old Bond Street at Tiffany's (someone is getting the good stuff for Xmas - no not me!), then out with my friend Sue for a family party.

Sunday, 9th December
- got a sleep in for a bit, but after lunch had a coffee with a friend, followed by a quick bit of Xmas shopping in Canary Wharf before an amazing Croatian feast with Mari and was just meant to be a light, late lunch - not so with Mari, who is a cooking genius. I finally made it home by 11pm on a school night - tut tut!

Monday, 10th December - movies after work to see The Golden Compass. I can recommend, as I have read the books by Phillip Pullman, which are a trilogy entitled - His Dark Materials. Quite an intriguing read.

Tuesday, 11th December - mad dash to an appointment after work, then back into town (thank goodness Oxford St is ongoing till 10pm even mid week during the silly season for last minute Xmas shopping and shoes for the WorkDirections Xmas party!!! ahahahha

Wednesday, 12th December
- was a group ice skating session with a bunch of people from work at Tower Hill, very near where I actually work, so I had a chance to work on my backwards ice skating technique. It is quite amazing how many people cannot skate, and they think its weird that I can ice skate, but cannot surf....ah the joys of being classified a typical Australian.

Thursday, 13th December - was a silly night indeed, it was our work Xmas party dinner and well we had a great time, what with the event straight after work, there was chaos as all the girls tried to get ready in the bathrooms, a mad dash across London (in our outfits) to Kensington High street (my finance group took the tube and arrived about 1/2 hour earlier than people who took cabs!!), party favours, silly antics, food, dancing - it was a very fun night out!!

Friday, 14th December - was a day of sore heads. I made it in for 10am, and was not too bad actually considering. Though I did post phone a meeting till 11am that normally was on at 9am, as there was just no way I was going to make that!! But I also had to be at work to ensure that I got to meet the Managing Director of my company WorkDirections.

This lady, Therese Rein, also just happens to be the now first lady of Australia. Yes you got that right, I met the Australian Prime Ministers wife. I had been looking forward to meeting "the Queen of Australia" as I kept calling her, all week, and was so excited all I could do was compose myself enough to say my name and position (she came into my meeting), then nod politely in the general discussion that another manager was having with her.

I never even thought to say congratulations on Kevin Rudd becoming Prime Minister or anything of the sort. I just didn't even think to!! Ah bless, my dorky ways continue and I become tongue tied upon meeting important people or celebrity types - can you imagine if it was the real Queen, she'd think I was a mute!!

That night (per previous blog) I headed to the Victoria and Albert museum with a friend to see a photographic exhibition for Lee Miller and for dinner.

Saturday, 15th December - I spent ages packing up Xmas gifts to send home (still wasn't finished but after 2 hours I had had enough), after a decent sleep in, this was followed by afternoon drinks out in Fulham for my Kiwi friend Katy, which was a birthday slash sort of engagement party as her boyfriend Ben had proposed to her on Thursday night.

That was good fun, but I had to leave just after 7pm as I had tickets to Kaiser Chiefs. Mark, myself, Laura, Ahmed, Anais, and Kerry all had a quick drink at the pub first before heading off to worship the god that is Ricki Wilson. We got there just as it started and I could not stay back, I left the group and dived into the crowd to be at the front - and it was brilliant!!! After that I was mean to continue on to my friends Chinese Xmas ball, but covered in sweat and beer, I was not exactly cut out for it, so to home I headed.

Sunday, 16th December - Lunch and football at the Walkabout with my friend Sophie and a couple of her mates. I know, I know, I promised never to go there again - but it was very civilised, we had a table and seats and good views of the TV's, so I stayed for the Manchester game, and the the Arsenal game!! Both teams won so there were happy campers around our table for sure.

Monday, 17th December - Hummmm Date night...

Tuesday, 18th December - Drinks, then dinner, then fun at Mari and Barns, I love those guys they spoil me rotten.

Wednesday, 19th December - Work drinks for my old work, that will be a West India Quay, so our old haunting grounds for drinks, will be a fun night

Thursday, 20th December - about time, but this is a me night....

Friday, 21st December - well its Xmas and so it will be a short day followed by farewell work drinks then i will be off to my friend Sues' in Hartfordshire for the evening.

Saturday and Sunday will be chill out days, followed by a Monday train ride down to Worthing on Sea to visit Anne for Xmas. Will be lovely and relaxing before I head back into London for New Years!! Woo Hoo - Bring on the New Year....

Sophie & Lisa at the Pub

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