Wednesday, December 19, 2007

London - Weather Update

Ok I know I tend to talk a lot about the weather, but I have a theory. This is my Internet blogging small talk with you, my blog readers. Plus I have an intricate interest in the weather.

I have a daily breath view rating, basically, if it is cold, how cold. So how much can I fog up the air around me by just breathing. Just a waft every few breaths whilst walking - eh...slightly cold...., looking like your a chain smoker about to going on a long haul flight...well yes then it's bloody freezing!!

I have a layer/clothing rating too, this allows me to consider what clothing to wear and melting possibility scales need to be considered. If it's about 9 degrees, melting is a possibility after walking down the street then getting on the hot stuffy lighter jacket with scarf and no gloves. If its less than 9 degrees, melting won't happen you'll just be cosy, but gloves might be necessary. Less than 5 degrees, no chance of melting, but will definitely need the heavier coat, gloves, scarf and be wearing boots too. Bugger wearing trainers (sorry sneakers) the cold air comes in and bites your toes.

The other day for the first time ever we had black ice, that is where the road and pavement looks sort of shiny, but due to a nice thin layer of ice. Ouch. You nearly go flying, type of shoes is irrelevant and it's almost impossible to see. Mark fell over and despite my sensible shoes and logical thinking the ashpalt (got a bit of grip surely) would be less slippery than the side paths...I nearly went over a couple of times too.

Local weather forecast from the other day attached (note the current temperature at the top of the screen), along with a forlorn looking wintry view from the flat. A bit dreary. It doesn't help that sunrise is not until 8am, then sunset about 3:30pm. Basically it looks like mid morning...all day...

However, it is just 2 tiny weeny days away from Winter Solstice, whereby we endure the shortest day of the year - yippee. It will start to get light again after that.

Ok well thank you for tuning in for Lisa's random weather update, I am sure I can come up with more intriguing blogs for you in the future... me well I am off to bed, its nearly 4am and well even though I am not tired, I should try to sleep. I am Queen of the Night Owls!! Haa

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