Friday, September 14, 2007

The good and the bad....and yes I have moved again!

Just this week...well over the weekend my work got a new office and I now work near Moorgate and Liverpool Street at Finsbury Square, the city...the square mile...the heart of London... If you thought I was stoked about working at London Bridge, well let me tell you am peeing my pants with joy (gee I hope Dyane reads this) at finally working in the proper bona fide CITY!!!

The exciting benefits of this are-
+ My post code now has 7 digits, full proof that i am in the CITY
+ millions of places for lunch, including sushi, and not just one sushi place but TWO
+ an awesome barrista at Pret (Pret a manger)...finally a decent cheap coffee every day
+ I have a park across the road, and this has been lovely for lunch especially since London is currently experiencing summer..
+ I have a spot with a window overlooking said park
+ the shopping is better, especially over at Liverpool Street way
+ lots of cool bars and pubs
+ and, most importantly there is a fantastic place that does Aussie style meat pies just down the road a bit...

Now the pie place, I haven't actually made it to yet. I tried today, but I am impatient and didn't apparently walk far enough towards Angel to actually find it. So tomorrow I will try again.

Anyway the reason this place is going to be amazing is because, its founded by and Australian. Not just any Australian either, a South Australian. And lets face it we ROCK! This person being a South Australian will be familiar with the joys of the basics Gibbs, Balfours, Villis, but more importantly will know about the St Peters Bakehouse, and thus know, absolutely how to make a pie - properly.

My question when I find this place will be "when will you be importing Farmers Union Iced Coffee to go with them...??" These days they import stuff left, right and centre, so really why not? However, I am not counting on them saying yes and to be fair its not really in keeping with my environmental ethics, and reducing the carbon footprint of the products I purchase. After all when I realised Buxton spring water came from North England, in the Peaks district...I promptly gave up Evian (which I love) which has to come all the way from France. Anyway completely off the topic usual.

The downside, my company lost a major contract on the second day in our new location, so thus my services are no longer required, and I finish up there on 28th September. I am not worried, I have been thinking about leaving there for quite sometime, but you know how things are, you get caught up in everything else and you end up staying. Plus I didn't want to disapoint my boss either.

Nevermind, i am looking for a job in around the same areas doing the same sort of work, and looking for a younger, bubbly, happier work environment too. Don't get me wrong some of the people I work with are great, but its the kind of industry, thats a bit slow, unchanging (very against change rather) and full of boring engineers and quantitiy surveyors...who aren't very exciting people sometimes.

Anyway - out with the old and in with the new....a fresh approach to change..seriously at the moment "change" should be my middle name!!

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