Friday, September 14, 2007

Why I hate....grrrr.... the Northern Line!!!

Ok the brilliant thing about living in my new flat is the fact that I live right by both the Jubilee (lets call this the Jubbly line from now on) and the Northern line, Hampstead station. This was great working at London Bridge as I could jump on at Swiss Cottage and be at London Bridge in about 25 minutes...ok cool.

The new offices are at Moorgate as per the previous post, which means I have to hike up the hill - for London, yes this is considered quite a hill - to get to the Northern Line. This isn't really a drama as I can be lazy, which I most certainly will be come mid winter and catch a bus up there. Then is about 35 min down to Moorgate...and depending on my timing - which is usually not so good, I am standing the whole time...

Its quite cute in the morning walking up my street, because school is on at the moment and there about about 3 nursery schools and 3 normal schools on the street. So there are lots of yummy mummies or nanny's ferrying little tots, these children must be less than 5 as they are so tiny, to school wearing the most adorable little uniforms. Now I am talking little red and white cheque uniforms with boater hats, and little boys in impeccable mini blazers wearing little bumble bee hats (you know the ones with the circles on top with the different colours...too cute!!).

Anyway...the Northern line splits in 2 and joins at Camden, then Euston and splits again, before finally joining and then separating at Kennington (South of the river). I am in Hampstead so on the Edgeware branch of the line. So in the morning I need the line that goes via Bank to get me to Moorgate. The other line goes via Charing Cross (or Trafalgar Square for ease of location). Just to explain things.

Anyway, if you are not paying attention you can be totally in the wrong place very quickly. On Tuesday morning, work had their announcement so i wanted to be in early to hear it. I got to the station and while waiting down on the platform I missed seeing the front of the train to know what branch it was. However, given that the display board was only showing trains via Charing Cross, I assumed (makes an arse out of you and me both...clearly) that it was a Charing Cross train.

Rather than waste time waiting, I jumped on it all primed to just change platforms and trains at Camden Town. I do this and then i am on the train and it's telling me the next stop is Tottenham Court Road...bugger, I was on the Bank branch and changed to the wrong one at Camden Town, then had to catch a central line to Liverpool street, thus adding 20 minutes to my journey. I was supremely annoyed and vowed I would be more careful next time.

But tonight I did it again....urghhh. I jumped on a train from Moorgate just assuming again (since the train was on the platform already - no time to read boards or anything) that it was a Bank Branch, Edgeware train. Or rather I forgot I needed to get the Edgeware not the High Barnet train, and that both come past there. So I am sitting on the train feeling impressed that I got a seat after a few stops - and I already felt good because that morning I gave up my seat to a pregnant lady (like the guys were going to get up), when the announcement is that the next stop is Highgate...hummmm.

Highgate, Hampstead....well both north, both lovely...but bloody very different in terms of East and Westerly locations. Oh bugger I had done it again. This was much more painful this time in that I had to duck across all the people heading to the exit at Highgate, to the other platform, looking like a complete wally, to go all the way back to Camden, change trains YET AGAIN and go up the right line to Hampstead. I would have just gotten out and jumped on a bus, but for the fact that it would have cost me more money as Highgate is in Zone 3 and my Travel card is for Zone 1 and 2. Sigh..

Oh and I also hate that line because, my nose is seriously having the blackest .... yes boggies are black...yuck. It's the hip line to catch though, it is quite a different crowd of people on that line, its amazing how different really.... Lots of smug marrieds on the Jubbly line, while lots of younger more edgier people on the Northern is known as dating line!!

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