Monday, August 20, 2007

Hampstead...the New Flat

What a saga...looking at flats. We looked for a couple of weeks prior to going on holiday, but everything was either tiny and overpriced, or overpriced and yuck, or overpriced and no where near anything.

Seriously ,we were looking at rooms no bigger than Australian standard kitchen sizes with galley beds, where you would smash your head on the ceiling if you sat up too fast - coffin like...ugh (input shudder here). I also learnt the hard way that if you give an estate agent a top figure, your maximum budget, they will not show you any properties that cost you less than that figure!
Anway, last sunny sunday afternoon (alas winter is here this week) was moving in day, hooray, as we cut it fine signing the tenant documents on the Friday. So here are the pictures...and the best thing is, it has a communal gardens (no pictures of that yet, I haven't been around to use it, nor has the sun I might add).

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