Thursday, August 16, 2007

Watch this space....

Sorry to those of you who do read this blog, there is a bit going on at the moment and before our holiday to Spain we were hunting for a flat, then when we came back we were still hunting (and stressing - a week to find a new flat is pushing it mighty fine). This was particularily the case, very 11th hour and 59 minutes, when we signed for it on Friday morning and had to move out on Sunday, plus I had to stay away overnight for work on the Friday night too.

Oh there will be a blog on that too, I went and worked on the rail lines, ok the site access cabin, but it was something different and was cool to see the guys out there working on the lines.

The new flat now requires a TV, phone line and alas not much can happen till then, though the TV is optional, as so much rubbish on it anyway!! And Laura you will be happy to know it has freed me up a bit of time to watch the Love My Way DVDs, I just love that show. Oh and I need season 1 too, and if you could send me all the Grey's Anatomy ones...I will love you forever...well I will anyway but you know what I mean ;-).

Hope all is well and hope to be back in action again soon....sorry.

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Laura said...

You will love me forever if I send the DVDs or not!!! I will do my best to get Greys Anatomy to you and anything else that looks interesting!