Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Let the Music Speak... Surbiton Street Party

Well this weekend just gone, I participated to help out some friends who organised the Maple street, Let the Music Speak street party, in Surbiton. It was great fun, well done Sarah and Audrey for doing lots of work for it. The whole day was to help a childrens hospice, and it was such a success that they plan to make it a yearly event.

Danni and I helped out to raise some money too. I stayed with Danni, who lives in Surbiton (about 12 minutes out of Waterloo and a lovely leafy green area) on the friday night and on Saturday morning the sun was shining when we dressed up as Tinkerbell and a Ladybug, to entertain small children with our little hula hoop stall.

We raised about 12 pounds, good condsidering it was 50p a go, to see who could hula hoop the longest. We didn't raise that much because about an hour in, a lovely little 8 year old girl called JoJo, hula hooped for 33 minutes straight. Yes 33 minutes, she was amazing, was no effort to her at all. It even poured down with rain for about 15 minutes of that, and she only stopped because she was shivering and her mum thought she'd done enough. Oh well lucky JoJo who won the big jar of Jelly babies.

The rest of the day we were helping with the charity raffle, letting random children play with the hula hoop, dancing in the street, eating hotdogs (including polish ones...yum), playing on the music bus, and in its ball pool - its for the kids but you know! Then at around 6pm, we headed over to Rubicon, the place to be in Surby, to hang out with Mark, Maristela, Barns, Don, Merry, Diane, Joe, Ching, Tracey, Dixon and the birthday boy Ben - otherwise known as Kiwi Guy!! Danni and I ducked home to get changed, I kept poking people with my wings.

Was lots of fun and in the scheme of things found a fabulous Italian restaurant...haven't had decent Italian food in so long.....

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