Monday, July 23, 2007

London Bridge is ..... where i work!

Yippee, I have officially moved work locations from E15 to SE1 – hooray, now I am properly working in London. That and you cannot get any more London, than London Bridge. For those not familiar with the greatness that is the UK post code system, E15 refers to Stratford, which is area 15 of East London and SE1, is South East 1, so London Bridge and central – it would be more central if it were like SE1A. That is like Marks work address which is EC1A, being East Central.

It is great it’s right outside the London Bridge tube station where I catch the Jubilee line down from West Hampstead. It’s good but it is still 25 minutes on the tube and because it is really busy (lets play sardines!) I end up standing the whole way if I don’t get on it before 8am, which is not so great. Bearing in mind that I used to catch the overland Silverlink train to Stratford which is a 30 minute train ride, but it’s so much quieter (the tube is really noisy), I get a seat easily and if it’s sunny I get to see the sun! So as you can see there are pros and cons.

At London Bridge the bonuses are being near the tube in a more desirable area, near a post office and the bank, more importantly a shoe repair shop, and just a 20 minute walk to Marks work (London is really a great walking city, it’s really not as big as people think). I am also near the river, and near Borough Markets and other great places to get food at lunchtime too. And so cheap, I can get a drink, lovely foccacia (with meat, cheese, roasted vegetables) and crisps or fruit for £3…which is extremely cheap for central London!!

As for Mark, well he was onto a good thing straight away with his job; he leaves home at 8:30am and is in at work with a coffee by 9-9:10am, half his luck! So as you can tell he is still at City and Guilds. He was made permanent earlier in the year, so he is very happy to stay working there, especially as he will have other opportunities to move around in-house, should he so choose.

Sorry for the lake of blogging as of late, I can tell you are all bored by the lack of traffic on the site………so sorry. Will be better from now on promise!

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