Saturday, July 28, 2007

Watch your bag.!

Well last weekend, Mark was a victim of crime!! Not so sinister as it sounds, the dumbo merely left his bag in a pile on the floor at a Karaoke bar in Holborn somewhere. Who knows I wasn't there. If I were it would not have happened - though I was out with them earlier and blame myself also for not offering to take said bag home with me!! Well all is clear in hindsight, as it always is.

Anyway his bag went missing, well rather Mark went to collect it at the end of the night and it was nowhere to be found. So some nasty pasty had STOLEN the bag! He ended up staying at a friends for the night as I was out staying at Danni's in Surbiton. So Mark had to come out there to collect my keys to let himself in the next day - silly boy!!

The damage is one Diesel bag, an i-pod, a Paddington bear DVD (sorry Oliver we shall order another) and his much treasured Nike sunglasses, oh and more importantly the key to the flat - thus the reason he could not go home that night! We were lucky though, we have super fantastic Marks and Spencer contents insurance and a quick call to them on the Monday found that Mark was able to make recovery of the costs for the new bag, new sunnies and a new i-pod, plus the headphones. I say headphones as they cost 15 quid, owing to the fact that they are fancy ones that go right in your ear so you don't annoy other people and you don't need them so loud.

So this week has been crazy, Mark has been out late a couple of nights with sports and I have been having to get up at 3am (not happy) and let him in. Though ok as it's not normal for one to remember that you don't have keys. It's only natural that you assume you have them, tonight I had forgotten that I didn't have keys and that Mark had left our only set with Elias (lovely guy - only praise be given to Elias) at David's Deli on the corner.

So Elias had them today and after the shop closed he left them at the lovely Italian place La Smorfia for us to pick up later..... what a star!! Was good as I was worried I was going to have to stay at a hotel for the night just to have a bed to sleep in! Plus tomorrow we leave for Spain for a week, so would have been annoying to have been away from home tonight.

Anyway 'tis now late, just before 12pm, the boy is not home as yet, its Friday night fun of course, so hopefully he won't be too late. I had my Friday night fun on Oxford Street with a credit card.

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