Monday, June 25, 2007

Royal Ascot in Pictures

Girls ready to go - Libby, Lisa & Danni
Ready still
Libby walking in the rain
Ascot...its raining
Libby & Danni in rain
Sarah and Sue, getting cosy in Starbucks to avoid the rain
Lisa, its cleared up
The stands from Silver Ring
Sarah and Danni studying hard .. the form guide
Wendy, Libby and Harry - foods up!
Danni lunching
Libby lunching
Lisa lunching.
Sarah lunches
Queenie comes past on the big screen
Queens carriages approach
The queens gone past, too busy waving to get a decent shot
Watching the racing
Daniel with Sarahs posh Brolly...matches your tie!
Fancy dressed up girls
Danni and Libby study the guide in the rain
James, Sue and Sarah
Keeping covered...
Lisa - Cheers!
Lisa & Libby
Band boy
Sue and the band boys
Watching the horses come past
Lisa and champers
Danni and Sarah
Posh Danni
The stands at the end in Sunshine
Party popped picnicers
The organiser herself- Carly!
Daniel, Wendy and Sue...time to go now!

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Anonymous said...

sorry peoples, I will update this properly seems some of the pics don't work!! :-)Lisa