Saturday, June 16, 2007

A life without dramas

So many thoughts run through my head on a daily basis that I think would make an interesting blog. Lots of witty things – well I think they are witty - about my experiences here. The details of these things flow effortlessly around my head, whilst I am lying in bed or travelling on the tube, yet somehow fail to emerge when time comes to putting them on paper. There seems to be some mis-communication between the neurons in my head and those of my fingertips. So as soon as my eyes see a computer screen, with my fingers poised ready at the keyboard, the thoughts are stuck plugged up in my brain. There they stay more reluctant than a two year old, faced with a plate of vegetables, lips pressed shut, arms crossed tight, stubbornness prevailing – nothing will get through .

It gets quite frustrating, the writer within me is itching to get out, but she is shy and adamant that she will toy with me and emerge in full glory but only in my daydreams.

This morning was so lovely, I woke up quite early with the alarm – of course, or else I’d be in bed till well past noon. Yet my body just launched itself out of bed. It gave not a second thought to the fact that I usually press snooze about 300 times, before it becomes too late and my dozing thoughts become that of; do I really need that shower, will washing just my face suffice, before bolting out of bed! In fact it wasn’t till I was ready to leave that I realised I was half an hour ahead of schedule.

It turned out to be a good thing as, not only did I get time to have a gloriously delicious Monmouth coffee, I made it into work half an hour earlier too (hmmm is that actually a good thing, the getting to work part). Whilst awaiting my coffee, the sun did appear and suddenly London became a beautiful place again.

It’s quite gloomy without the sunshine, which I am sure I have mentioned many a time. However, as soon at the sun peeks out of the clouds, you forget that and all is forgiven, you become a caring, happy, loving free spirit. You let people push past you, the paper man is suddenly not so annoying – it frees your mind and gives you a boost of happiness. Ah joy – see this is why I am a summer girl, through and through.

This people, is what people in London, and the UK live for. It’s why the United Kingdom is still populated after all these thousands of years. Surely if it were not for the gloriousness of the sunshine, when it’s around, previous Kings of England would have set up shop in Spain! Why else would they over populate such a tiny little island.

It’s so entrancing and everyone is so much happier, people just emerge out of buildings and they join as a united force to feel the sun, to see the sun and be the sun. Seriously I really think it was overrated to start worshipping bibles, what was wrong with paganism, at least we knew with sun worship, that there is actually a sun!! However, religion is not my strong point, so we won’t go there.

I know this seems like a long waffling rant, however I feel that I am always talking about this trip and that, and telling you what airport I flew out of last, right down to what I had for lunch in what ever country I happened to be in at the time. Does it get boring to you? I don’t know! I don’t know who reads, who doesn’t, who cannot be bothered, who wants more, who wants less!! And who couldn’t care less?!?

I want to try am make you feel like you were there and enjoying it as much as we were at the time, this is also something that I want to have for myself to read in 20, 30 years time and it’s the closest thing to a diary I have had since I was about 13, and its much more intriguing than my diary when I was 13 too.

However, then it comes back down to the “wittiness” factor, I want to entertain, elaborate and inform you of our life here, without boring you to tears at the same time. Some times I think I only elaborate about the bad things, the dramas, but really isn’t that what life is all about, well not so much the bad things, just the dramas. Drama is everything, we live for it, look at all the movie stars, they are drama Kings and Queens.

If there were no drama in the world the news would be boring – well London is great again today, Tube travel is free, everyone has air-conditioning, there is no more global warming, everyone has food, animals are being treated nicely, housing is affordable, chocolate gives you a size normal body, no one has blown anyone up, Angelina Jolie had triplets and got fat, Tom Cruise gave up Scientology and is doing a sequel to Top Gun, Posh Spice smiled, and the forecast is for rain tonight (good for the crops) and full sunshine and mildly warm tomorrow – good but boring!!

Though where my life has drama it's really boring stuff like, how I “hipped” a teenage girl on the bus as I got off (you know whoops bit of a bump there…bumpy bus). She was giving me lip under her breath because I gave her and her friend dirty looks for having her tinny music playing loud for the entire bus to hear. It was a yes - add air punch in here - moment for me.

Anyway I have blogs to finish…4 and counting under construction and will be more if I don’t get them done with Royal Ascot this weekend and the Rock Werchter music festival in Belgium the weekend after.

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