Thursday, June 28, 2007

And we are off....Rock Werchter 2007

So no, not to the races, but to a little place near Brussels (yes, but near Brussels not to Brussels) to experience the excitement that will be Rock Werchter. Its a music festival, that to be quite honest will rival, and has rivaled Glastonbury (which was rained out...big time, just this weekend gone, woo hoo) for many years.

It will be brilliant, we have acts such as Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight, Snow Patrol, Keane, Arctic Monkeys, Killers, Bjork, Kings of Leon, Muse, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Beastie Boys, Metalica, Tori Amos, and Pearl Jam! Now that is not a line up, I don't know what is.

I nearly saw Snow Patrol tonight, but it turned out to be a private party (proper show is tomorrow night) at the new O2 dome that is the former millennium dome (the doomed dome) for those who worked on the new dome to make it what is now. That being a massive entertainment event to rival the new Wembley stadium. So I miss out on seeing them again, but they are at Werchter so I don't miss out that much.

Anyway, am all packed. The forecast, unfortunately is for a bit of rain (we seriously need to take a leaf out of Mother Nature Australia's book here - more sunshine pretty please!!) so hopefully not too much rain. I have just tonight purchased, a pair of Kath Kidson wellington boots (gum boots), so I am hoping that means it will not rain and I will not need them. Either way, they are bright red with tiny white stars all over them so I am kinda hoping they get a good use anyway, as they are so pretty.

Ok off to bed - love to you all and promise to fill you in on all of our adventures in wonderland, ahem - Brussels. xx

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