Thursday, July 05, 2007

What is the world coming to?

So you get the good with the bad. This week is the first week of London, and the entire UK, being smoke free inside pubs, clubs, restaurants and just about anywhere else. Its just brilliant. Tonight Dallas and I celebrated with a trip to the pub to enjoy drinks without the smokey pub smell. It could be bad...humm will I now spend more time in pubs, well maybe, but maybe not.

Today was also a bad day in that Mark's work had to be evacuated due to a bomb scare. There was thoughts that there was a bomb in a car parked outside his work building. It turned out to be nothing, just lots of paranoia in the UK at the moment. Though, to be quite honest I am not too worried as the police, etc, seem to know what they are doing, and its nice to see a good police presence just about everywhere you go.

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