Friday, April 13, 2007

Travel Plans - 2007

This far our plans are -

Bodrum, Turkey - 1 week, Lisa and Anne to relax on the beach and visit to Pamukkale as well

Bodrum Castle

The Hague, Netherlands - 3 day weekend, to see the Tulips in full bloom and to go to the Vermeer Art Gallery in Delft.

Brussels, Belgium - 4 days, but to go to Rock Werchter 2007

Barcelona, Alicante & Costa Blanca, Spain - 9 days - with Brad and Tuti, for a bit of culture and sunshine

Bordeaux to Montpellier, France - 1 week, exploring the regions in between watching the Rugby World Cup Matches (Also will be going to Wales and Marseilles for the World Cup to, on the weekends either side of this.

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