Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another Friday

Well I wasn't going to bother going out too long last friday, but since Meredith was heading back to Oz (that night mind you, and she hadn't finished packing) to get married we thought it was a worthy cause.

After that we, Julie, Dallas and I ended up with Marks lot at Firefly near St Pauls, and on Marks insistence it is right opposite the Old Bailey, and stayed out too too late. Its ok we got a chatty cabby (am astounded we found a cab) on the ride home and we got talking about the Grand National.

We we also stayed out because, well I am a glutton for punishment. So here you get too see another night out and enjoy, well our, both of our poor efforts at trying to be 30 year olds acting as if we are 19 again. You know only live once, enjoy!
Julie and Dallas (I blame Julie for the extra bottle of wine)
Laura and Dawn
Mark and Dawn
Laura and Dallas
Mark pulling a face as usual
Lisa and Matt (who has lots more pictures of Mark pulling faces)
JoJo and Simon

PS I finally got my digital camera back from the shop so pictures will flow more freely again!

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