Friday, April 13, 2007

A few of my favourite things......

I know I promised to send a few of you some information on shopping over here, so I have put a few sites for you all to check out - that are my favourites.

We just got a new Primark on Oxford Street last week and yes, I was one of the sad sorry souls who lined up to get in (but not the first day as I had no idea it had opened). I went the following weekend and wasn't expecting that I would still have to queue to get in. Primark is a really cheap and nasty shop, but not as bad as ASDA (Walmart in US) as at least they have an ethical code for their suppliers and don't use slave labour. They are really cheap though as I got a pair of jeans for 6 pounds. However, to their credit they do have a knack of having the latest fashions and are great for the normal boring stuff too.

As for my shopping addiction I have taken to H&M like a duck to water and I never leave Top Shop without buying something. I have decided I now like Selfridges, but have to force myself not to go there! They have all the most amazing handbags. As for Bond Street and Sloane Square - Bottega Veneta, Chloe, Stella, Diane von Furstenberg - so I won't go near them.

I have become the sad person who has clothes in the closet, a very squishy closet I might add, that have the tags still on them. Not because there is anything wrong with them, I just haven't had a chance to wear them yet or they are lost - again squishy closet issue.

I felt bad about spending money on potentially crappy clothing, so I ducked into Ted Baker and treated myself to a new dress, its gorgeous, I might even wear it to the races - Royal Ascot here I come.

My shoe addiction is still going strong, though since no-one at work - its a male dominated industry - notices my shoes much I have taken to wearing only 3 favourites there. I actually now have a pantyhose - tights, the Brits call them all tights - addiction. I have them in purple, blue, pink, grey, yellow, fishnet, floral fishnet, and about 10 others with various different patterns. Though I am hoping that since the warmer weather is creeping in that I won't have to wear them much more. Today I even wore flat sandals with bare legs.....amazing and it was only 19 degrees!

With that I am out of here, to savour my other guilty pleasure - glossy magazines. Stay tuned!

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