Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Baby Bonanza

Ok its time to introduce everyone to all the babies that we visited at home, we had fun visiting them all....
Harrison McDonald (14 months) who is best buddy Laura and Grahams little treasure...
Susie with Harper (3 years)
then little brother Beacher and....
his twin Kai (who both just turned one)
Tim & Jaq's Cool Toby ... who I believe is coming up 2 years old.
Deb with James (4 months), who looks just like his daddy
Hannah Wanzek (4 months) and....
her big brother Jayden (2 and a half years)
Avril and Steve's baby Harry, the smallest one at 2 months.
Kelly and Scotts bubs Cooper (9 months), who was as cute as pie when I visited...
Cute little Kate - Brett and Michelle little one who gets a brother or sister really soon. (Kate is 9 nearly 10 months old)

Jen's 2 year old twin Emma and her brother...
Tyson, who are nearly 2 and a half years old now
And last but certainly not least is my wee little nephew Oliver... who is 4 months old
and him being good on his Christening day..

On the baby front there is also Rebecca and Tim's tiny twosome, Chloe and Samuel - who are just over 3 months old - but very tiny since they were born at 30 weeks. I did get to see them and their mum - very happy about that - but I didn't even think to take a photo (Bec has sent photos so here they are).

Also there is Alex, 18 months, who is Angela and Simon's little man. Treena & Tundes, little boy Gabriel (just over 2 years) who is due a sister/brother very soon. Lisa's sweet little girl Zoe has just turned 2, and mum tells me is turning to tantrums.

Other babies which are due a mention here are McKenna (nearly 2) who lives in Canada with Bob and Shawna our fabulous Canadian buddies. As do Nicholas and Aryka, who live in Alberta with the amazing Dyane and Sheldon.

In the pipeline - Heather & Dave's 40 weeks plus its anyday now, any day; then Megan and Grant, due New Years; Brett and Michelle, in January and there is one more (no not me) but cannot confirm that one just yet!!! She knows who she is. Love ya all.

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Anonymous said...

Yay, Harrison has been immortilised in the big wide web!!!! Sooo many babies, they will all be running round causing trouble by the time you guys come home!
Love Laura