Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How much do you know London?

Since I am too lazy to, or rather, too busy to get down to finding proper time to sit down to write you all a proper post of the continued life and times of the lol-around-about Londoners. I thought to write you a quiz instead to make things interesting and to see what you know about London - answers to follow in a further blog. It also means I have less of a requirement to think of quaint witty things to say about sometimes mundane things, which is seriously hard work.

Earlier in the year not long after we arrived in London, I found a new thing to love in my life, known as Waterstones, the bookstore - sigh! - and they have lovely comfy couches and a coffee shop (not unlike Borders, though they have them here too).

It was there on an extended browse through the far too many isles I stumbled across this little book called " So you think you know London?" - here are some questions from the book (there is a theme too, let me know if you can guess it)

1. In which building are the crown jewels?

2. Which major international tennis tournament is held in SW17 each June?

3. Which major ceremony is held in London on the second Saturday in June every year, drawing large crowds of tourists?

4. In 1986 a fire started by a bedside candle devastated parts of a Royal building to the west of London, which Royal building was it?

5. At which carnival in 1976 was there a major riot which injured some 400 police officers?

6. Bankside powerstation now houses which modern art gallery?

7. The London Planitarium is located next to which other famous attraction on Marylebone road?

8. Which building, connected with astronomy , did Sir Christopher Wren build in Greenwich in 1675?

9. In which park would you find the Serpentine?

10. If you were in Bangla Town, known for its Bengali and Bangladeshi communities, would you be near Brick Lane, Lambeth Road or Euston Road?


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Sue said...

Well i think i have 6 out of 10 just off the top of my head without any research. Can't be bothered with the research - you will tell me later. Or is there a prize at the end of this. and do we have to come to london to collect?