Friday, December 01, 2006

It's My Birthday - Lisa's 30th Celebrations

Well I had a fantastic night and am so glad I got to see so many of my friends all together all in one place. I know it was a school night, but you'll have to blame; partly, me for being slack in organising it earlier, that Kylie bird who had a concert on (who does she think she is) and Xmas parties for booking out the Archer on a Friday night!!!!

Aside from that it was a great night and thank you very much to all you lovely bubbly people who came along to wish me well for my entrance to the - Dirty Thirties....well cannot wait for .......bring it on!

See below for all the fabulous photos of the night. Love ya's all - Lisa :-) xxxxxxxxxx

Me with my Cherry Ripes to take home...yummo

John with his wife Sue and Rossco

Me and my business partner and friend extraordinaire, Amanda

Mike, Chris, Scott, Mark, Saroeun and ME!

Lisa, Scott, Emma and Matt - Funny!

Me with Andy, Anne and Maryke

John and a very happy Melly poo.

Me and long time friend Davey Baby

Cutting the cake

Girly pals - Mel, Eva and Lisa

Me with my yummy cake

Ahhh soo cute - Chris and Saroeun

The boys, all together now.

The cake

Me and lovely Polish Princess Eva

Lovely girlys; Renata and Sue

Soon to be newly weds, Tuti and Brad

Melly making eyes

Lisa and Kelly, see you in the UK darlin'

Cute couple - must be us!!

Cutting the cake with token appreciation at Mark having already turned thirty - hahahaha

Roy and Sue - the pending proud grandparents of lovely Heathers bubs...

My darling friend - Jen...miss ya lovey...

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