Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Aussie Land - The Baby Tour

Well we are currently back in Aussie Land, which is - I think - my new and affectionate term for our little piece of Australia.

We are here on the Baby Tour, as opposed to the Ashes Tour (that of which we are currently beating British butt) to meet all the new babies including the adorable Oliver (my nephew) whose Christening is the main reason for our trip. Its also my Nana's 80th birthday too - GO Nan!

There are some positive general side affects of visiting Australia this time of year and some of you non-Aussie people will be jealous because we are experiencing, oh you know;

FABULOUS weather - its around 30 degrees everyday with bright headache inducing sunshine.

I actually considered for five minutes that it might be a good idea to invest in a welding mask just to walk out the front door at 8am (yes - amazing that its super sunny at that hour!!!). Though we shortly became accustomed to sunshine complete with obsessive compulsive sunglasses requirements, once again and thus headaches have subsided.

I think my pupils will become crazy enlarged when we get back to England in the effort of finding light, so the other extreme maybe required, so I am talking about a head lantern to find my way in the dark!!!!

BEACHES...the white sandy non-English kind (rocky) and non-European kind (they actually go for miles with out being obliviated with sunbeds and umbrellas) BBQ's, even the ones where there is a fire ban so it becomes more a picnic deal.

FUN in flip flops and floaty dresses...certainly did miss those when the temperature began to drop in London..thus a summery shopping trip ensued on arrival....

THE ASHES, though not me of course, not being a big test match fan myself - Aussies or no Aussies. The current test is the Adelaide test and so being completely sold out (as usual) its also going to be on the tele here too.

Mark and his brothers have set up a pool with shade cover in the backyard of Michael and Scotts house. Then, being ever industrious, they have put Christopher's mastery in cabling experience to good use with him creating a 15 metre cable to enable them to put the TV outside in front of said pool. One designated person is then assigned Eski (cooler box) / fridge duties to deliver a never ending supply of alcoholic beverages to the crew in the pool (and no........ its not me!!!!).

We are loving seeing everyone here, our families, friends and of course the babies.

Coming up next...........Lisa's 30th Birthday Celebrations Blog and another Baby Bonanza Blog....

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