Thursday, November 16, 2006

Go Socceroos..... Football is back

What a night...still sleep deprived from working late Monday night and a hectic touristy weekend Mark and I squeezed in one more event before making our way home to Aussie land on Thursday night.

It was the Australia vs Ghana football match being held at White City, Loftus Road Stadium. We took a few friends - one Aussie, Ahmed (though his is of Egyptian decent) and one English bloke, Michael, of course. Oh and Skippy Roo, as he was originally christened by Bob and Shawna way back when he visited Canada a couple of years back, was with us too.

After being nearly trampled on the way in via the tiny entrance...think herd of elephants squeezing through a single mouse hole....we had a great time. It was hilarious and we were all thrilled when the Aussies scored early in the game, though it wasn't long before Ghana scored and boy did they like to rub that in. The supporters drums in the far right corner of the stadium (miles from us) could have been heard back in Adelaide.

Then our very own supporter turned on us - he knows who he is. Even despite love and affection shown to Skippy Roo, sharing of weird pizza pies (which heaven forbid should ever be a substitute for a pie at the footy), he whipped out his Ghana flag and tortured us to the sad sorry "1 all draw" end. The end where Australia, who dominated the field should have won!!! Oh well there is always Denmark to quash in January.

Game On......
All watching (not sure who the bloke on the end is.....just a ring in for the night)
The Boys - Skippy Roo, Michael, Mark and Ahmed
The Aussie Crowd
A foul...
We are on a winner...for now...

Michael with our mate Skippy Roo
Michael shows us his true colours....arghhhh

The website for game details...because I so don't want to bore you with that detail -

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