Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Japanese trend in toilets coming to London...

What the you are saying!!! Ok well it's not the done thing and you at home are not missing out, Australia is not again behind the rest of the world, because so far this is the only place we have seen or heard of with these weird toilets. Though apparently 70% of toilets in Japan are these ones...yet to be proven.

Quite the novelty really, and we had much fun taking it in turns going and re-hashing the discussion on the functions that the toilet had - bidet, wash, seat heating, and air drying - plus temperature controls!! Weird yes, but you had to be there to have a go.

So if you are in London and wish to use these toilets, well they exist at a little Japanese restaurant called Saki in the Smithfield area. We headed there after a few drinks on Friday night, and the food it just awesome!

My entree was the best Sushi i have ever eaten - sorry gals Sushi train is McDonalds compared to here (note: that I still absolutely miss Sushi train though - esp. lunches with Av and Emma :-( )

There are pics - of my yummy dinner, the restaurants centrepiece, and.... the toilet (note - the giant controller armrest, which to be quite honest looks like a plane armrest on steriods!!)

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