Sunday, September 03, 2006

Where do Lisa and Mark work?

Well we both work, duh in London, but where exactly? I work in East London in a super glamorous location called Stratford, its just amazing!

It has a big shopping mall, classy station, its in Zone 3 (so about 20 minutes out of central London and 30min from West Hampstead), court house, some dodgey pubs and it will be the host to the 2012 London Olympic games - and that is about it.

There is a reason we do all our Friday drinks at Canary Wharf after all. So glamorous - not really. I have a attached some pictures so you can see the lovely location for yourself.

They are; street art, Stratford bus station as reflected in the glass of the train station, the view from my office, Burford Rd (have to walk down here every day), the office building, the office and my desk!!

But its not all bad, the people are really nice and as you can see I have a lovely big computer screen.....hummm, oh ok, so its not such a nice work location but its easy to get there and I just work there right!! (note for Santos people this is a similar type of open plan office that I reckon you guys will be getting next year!!)

On the upside though my work also has a London Bridge office, where I get to go at least 3-4 days a month. That office is just brilliant, right on St James street, which is right at London Bridge station, so 20min from home. It's also near the gourmet gastronomically brilliant Borough Markets. This means I get to have scrummy lunches from the markets and coffee from Monmouth, which is so far the best coffee place in the whole of the United Kingdom!!!!

Mark is a bit luckier location wise and works in Farringdon, which is in pretty much in the heart of central London. It is just brilliant - I am very jealous, because;

- its 15mins from West Hampstead

- its one stop away from Kings Cross Station

- he has proper City of London police officers (unlike the Met Police who do everywhere else in London)

- he has an EC post code, which means "Central" and its in Zone 1

- there are a million pubs where he works

- William Wallace was executed nearby and there is a plaque there (if you don't know who he was just think "They'll never take our freedom!"... - I believe they were Mel Gibsons words!!)

- the park 100m away was once the scene of hangings and witch burnings!!!

- the Smithfield meat markets are mere footsteps away - though no longer direct to the public there are a few little shops, like Simply Sausages who have a monsterous selection of gourmet sausages.

- the infamous Old Bailey is about 400m away

- the Great Fire of London apparently ended at the building he works in, right on Giltspur Street, which has a little cherub plaque in commemoration.

- it's about 800m from St Paul's Cathedral (consequently the whole area was bombed by the German's during the Blitz)

Hummmm, so where would you rather work? Again I have put some pictures of Marks work for you to look at. They are; the cherub plaque, St Pauls cathedral, the park (site of hangings etc), Marks world cup work wall, his desk and him at his desk.

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Sue said...

Similar? I am sure our new office will be much better. For a start we have all shrunk, there will be no paper,aand we will have an atrium with stairs. Although we have put in a request for those toilets. As for the historical background - i am sure there will be a Bean Bar nearby
See you soon