Friday, September 01, 2006

Just on today

Today I was so annoyed. On the way to work a water delivery man was tipping out a whole bottle of water out onto a carparking lot. No thought to the fact that a) there was a lovely grassy patch with trees just, oh, two feet away or b) we are supposed to be in the middle of a drought. We are though as it has not rained much. I nearly said something, but he was mid conversation with another guy so didn't bother.

I should have though as people are so slack about water here and recycling too. A lot of houses here do not have water meters and you get charged fee based on what Thames Water think you should pay - but I don't think it is much though. This does not affect us as our flat includes all bills, apart from the phone bill (fine by me - something to not have to worry about). Though I still don't waste water!!

Consequently people don't really care about water usage, or wastage. Our flat had two drippy taps and a leaky toilet. It took ages for them to fix and one of the taps still leaks!! They are not the only ones, we had a huge water leak just on West End lane for months, and they have only just recently come and fixed that one up.

Now on recycling, we are lucky to live in the Camden borough (think of say Port Adelaide-Enfield council area) which actually has the best recycling program in London. It also has the most participants in it too. Its probably a good thing and saves my sanity, as I would go nuts if I had to chuck out cardboard etc. However, getting the people in out group of flats to participate is something else, even Mark got annoyed and printed up a sign for the main door to ask people not to put regular rubbish in the recycling crates. I am not sure it worked, but either way at least they know now.

That's my gripe for the day... :-) Oh and that the weather is gradually getting worse and the days much much shorter.... Well we were warned of the patheticness of English summers, we just hadn't realised how pathetic!

However, I am heartened by the fact that in November we make our way over to the sunny side of the world, where we will bulk up on Adelaide sunshine for two lovely weeks. After that I will have to go buy a SAD light machine to ensure I get my daily dose of sun.

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