Saturday, June 24, 2006

Australia kicks Croatian butt....

Well it was a draw, but had they had another 30 seconds goal number 3 would have eventuated for the Aussies. It was an amazing game and so much more the fun to watch because they were playing so well.

I was invited by one of my recruitment companies to attend a private party at the Walkabout near Temple, but hey I got a better offer. Mark originally planned to watch the game at home, but for some bizarre reason the Beeb and ITV television stations were not showing it live....ah thus a quick 40 minute dash across London saw him at Vibe just in time for the first Aussie goal!!

Thus Mark and I watched the game at a place called Vibe, which is a largish bar/beer garden with a huge indoor big screen room - it was not unlike a German beer hall really. Vibe is in Brick Lane (East London) and I was invited by my friend Meredith, to hang out with her and her Australian (and English) mates. One of her friends is Croatian and she was decked out in all her Croatian gear. She sure let all the Australians (only about 99% of the crowd) know about it when Croatia scored. She is a good sort though and now is going for Australia!!!

The game itself was quite intense, lots of nail biting, hair pulling, "ahhh" screaming moments, but despite the odd dirty trick and red card, justice prevailed. Australia did what they had to do and there was much rejoicing, screaming and hugging when time was up!! Thus as Matt would say "Guus your Daddy".

To celebrate we headed to, or rather were lured to, one of the innumerable Indian restaurants off Brick Lane. The food was great, but alas not nice the next day as MSG is still used in the UK. We had a fantastic night and caught the last tubes home ready to get up early to go to work the next day (ugh).

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