Monday, June 19, 2006

Australia vs Brazil

We made this world cup game coincide with our first visit to a Walkabout pub in London. We thought it would make for a more interesting, or rather more pleasant visit. It however was awful, soooo feral - but we had been warned (thanks Simone).

There were plenty of Australians (of course) with much green and gold, Australian music (that seems is all the walkabouts play) and Aussie flags; so it had the potential to be a lively patriotic event. But....there were lots of people who were way too drunk by the time the game started to even actually pay attention to it.

Though I must say being there gave me a good opportunity to sing Advance Australia fare out loud, with my off key singing blending in with the slurs of the rest of the singing crowd. However, I am sure Mark would have had to listen to me singing even if we were in our living room watching it!!!!

It overall was a good game to watch, and I did watch, with the second half being very much a thriller - just a shame we didn't win in the end!! Nevertheless GO THE SOCCEROOS.......................

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