Monday, June 26, 2006

Summer days...

I hate to rub it in, but we are still having great weather (I am sure you'll all rub it in when its your summer versus our winter later). Flip flops are my new best friends, along with my wedges....I could go on about my way too many shoe purchases, but I won't. LOL

Saturday morning we had a good sleep in, as we headed out to a club on Friday night (BarRhumba near Piccadilly Circus - all drum&bass/hip hop, certainly not recommended being a rock girl myself) and that coupled with the night before made for the necessary extra sleep. Thus our first excursion for the day was alas not prior to noon!!

Mark wanted to visit the Spitalfields Markets near Liverpool Street as its supposed to be quite a cool place to go, with a good mix of food, clothes, antiques and trendy jewellery - not unlike Camden markets really. However we discovered that there were only a few places open as they are re-doing the roof. The Spitalfields church nearby is beautiful, very different from the standard London churches. So we just had a bit of a wander around and ended up finding some cool clothes places just off Brick Lane. Which was perfect as Mark was looking for a shirt to go out with that night!!

Oh and we did have a breakfast slash very late afternoon brunch at a cool little place called Sausage & Mash, where they do you guessed it great sausages and mash!!!

Our evening out was a 3Oth plus birthday party in Covent garden. A cool roof top hotel bar - Courthouse Kupinksi (something like that) - where the proper bar has 3 old prison cells converted into club booths. We met a few nice people and had a brilliant time. We did however have to turn into pumpkins and leave before the last trains at 12:30. But all in all a great night!!!

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