Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Natural History Museum

Today it was absolutely pouring, but I was heading to the Natural History museum down at South Kensington to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, so I didn't care (plus have a new job - so even better).

It was jammed packed, as it's school holidays, ugh! However since the exhibition was for paying customers it actually was ok in that bit of the museum.

The photographs were just amazing and I was so excited as it actually detailed what cameras they used and what settings. Especially important for an amateur like myself. However some of the photographers have the advantage of living near some amazing scenery.

There were some under 12 year old winners who had taken some incredible shots (seems some also had the advantage also of photographer parents - surely that is cheating!!!) and my goodness I have a long way to go - not that wildlikfe photgraphy is what I want to do.

Then I was off....but no photography today... I was too busy fighting past the parents and kiddies, who were attempting to test if the walls of the museum were actually flexible!!!

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