Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Canterbury Weekend - 1

Well we were fortunate that I got another job so we decided that we could afford to splash out and go away for Easter. Unfortunately all the cheap weekends in Madrid had sold out - and yes that was with Last Minute dot com. So we opted for a more local holiday.

We took a train to Gatwick and hired a little Astra so we could drive around the countryside. Canterbury is not really that far away, but it was nice to be in a car again. Some of the people I work with travel up from as far as Hastings (near Dover) every day - that is 5 hours on the train - ugh!). Not that we didn't do plenty of walking while we were there though!

On our way (we took the A/B roads as the motorways don't make for scenic driving) we meandered through lots of little towns and stopped off at Royal Tunbridge Wells for lunch. There was a little Saturday market in the Pantiles, a 17th century promenade, where we ate. The town used to be a spa town and there is still a little spring in the Pantiles.

After dodging the rain we packed ourselves back in the car and drove the rest of the way to Canterbury, where miraculously the rain had disappeared and we got to enjoy sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. We checked into our hotel, which we found after much driving around - lots of one way streets, just too many for a tiny town like that - and spent the rest of the afternoon just wandering around Canterbury.

For dinner we found a fantastic Greek - the only one - restaurant (there is not much to choose from as it seems to be a lunchtime town) and then we went over to the Cathedral for Evensong, which was lovely the choir were quite good.

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