Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Canterbury Weekend - 2

Well Canterbury is actually quite a small place, so it didn't take us long to explore. We visited the Cathedral, which looks quite different in the daylight and spent a little while exploring it inside out, as it is quite large and very elaborate. The crypt is huge and had lots of little altars dotted around inside. The fan style decorative ceiling in the bell tower is beautiful, but alas my photo didn't work - its a church thing for me - cannot get photos to work.

After lunch in a little cafe that had great coffee - hard to find these days - we went along to the little touristy thing for the Canterbury Tales. Then we went to the Roman museum which is just tiny. However the weather started looking a bit ho hum and we knew that there was a beachside town just 5km away so we drove off there.

The rain just bucketed down and so we holed up for the remainder of the afternoon drinking cider and reading the paper in a beach side pub at Whitstable. There is not much to the place, its a boating type of beach town and after our relax in that pub we headed off to another for dinner. So our little trip to the Chaucer hotel in Canterbury was drawing to an end.

The next morning we found that the weather had improved quite a bit and we were finally able to have a ride in a punt on the river - very peaceful.

That was opposed to the non-peacefulness of our stop on the way home which was Hever Castle (see pic). Yes school holidays were still on - silly me to have forgotten - but the children were mostly well behaved, they just seem to take up space in the queue is the problem we have with them. Oh and those trying to feed the ducks bits of wood!

The castle was re-done to its former glory by the Waldorf Astoria family and they did a great job, they even used to live there. It was well worth it as it doesn't look like much but it takes a while to explore it all. Oh well back to London now.

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