Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oliver's Royal Adelaide Show Day

The Royal Adelaide Show is an Adelaide icon, that rain hail or shine, Adelaidians get themselves and usually their entire families to at least once every couple of years during its 8 day long Spring showing.  For those non-Aussies, non-South Australians, the Royal Adelaide show is a massive family event that encompasses a huge variety of fun for all families, young and old. 
Entrance to the show

On arriving off Rose terrace, the massive iconic Ferris Wheel awaits you beyond the gates, with which you'll need a $20 ticket to pass through.  First there is the childrens fair ground the the left and the adults to the right, with rides and carnival features galore, including a sling shot and other gut spining/slinging contraptions.

Towards the centre its fun fair food, complete with dagwood dogs (a hot dog bread battered on a stick dipped in tomato sauce), fairy floss (candy floss), curly fries, hot dogs, chips, toffee apples, donuts, ribs, corn cobs, pizza, pies, icecream and pancakes..mmmm.  Mouth watering just to think about. 

There is the poultry shed where prized chickens and pigeons hang out, the car pavillion containing the latest and greatest, the cow shed, the dairy (lots of yummy food to try out in there), theres pigs, a childrens farm with mini tractor rides for the kiddies and where they can pet piglets, chickens, lambs and baby cows.  There is the reptile display, tractor display, a cat pavilion, dog pavillion (with dog showing/competions daily), bunny rabbits, a flying pig display, wood chopping competitions, pie eating competitions, minature trains, wine and cheese tastings.

Meeting and greeting Mr Scarecrow

Towards the back is a large oval with seating for the grand parade, car dare devil displays (Ford and Holden utes battle it out), motor bike stunts, dog agility displays and the evenings grand finale of a massive fireworks display which is scheduled every night. 

Whew...but there is more, the other side of the show grounds, contains yet more food stalls, Italian, Thai, Chinese you name it and two large pavilions with everything from fashion parades, Banana's in Pajama's , a fire truck, ambulance, orchid displays, wood carvings, photography, home wares (like a massive home show too), and many more stalls selling everything from rain water tanks, to jewellery, to cards, candles, bubbles, make up, garden features, even canoes were on offer. 
Delighted with his showbag

The other massive hall contains show bags. Show bags, contain any manner of good things - bags and bags of sweets (candy) and chocolate and bad things, rubbish toys that break after one use.  But they range from $2 for one with just a few chocs and sweets up to $60 with branded Coopers beer paraphernalia.  Its mostly aimed at children with Hot Wheels, Toy Story, Dora and Wiggles all having a branded bag at the show with toys and sweets.  This was always my favourite part of the show and had much delight in saving up as much of my pocket money as I could to ensure that I could get as many showbags as I could hold to take home.

Well that is the show, but what about our day at the show.  Firstly it was possibly a the most hideous Spring day that I've seen in while, with lots of rain, torrential rain at that, gale force winds and even power outages.  Rides were stopped, show attendance was down, but it didn't stop us. 
On arrival after easily getting a park at my work, which fortunately is just nearby, Oliver kept asking "are we there yet...", every 20 metres only to be completely delighted on seeing the Ferris wheel and proclaiming that he simply must go on it.  Too cute. 

We waited for the other family members to arrive then headed on in, to stuff our faces with dag wood dogs before heading round to check out the cars and chickens first.  We didn't want to get too far away as Oliver was keen to get to see Banana's in Pyjamas in the main pavillion, after then we wandered around, chatted with Scobby Do, checked out the Ambulance ( the card board cut out of which Oliver would not let anyone touch) and started the Yellow Brick road (its a show bag that takes you all over the show to collect goodies and food along the way). 
Tractor rides

On heading outside we noted the weather had turned, it was just grey when we arrived and we were fighting heavy rains and whip you down winds to get around the show.  We rugged Oliver up in Mark's rain coat and plodded on.  We picked up chocolates and honey, yogurt and bread, we watch snakes in the reptile hut, we patted the lambs, drove on tractors (Oliver did), patted bunnies and saw the dogs.  We ate some more - toasted cheese sandwiches, before deciding that it was nearly time to call it a day. 

View from Ferris Wheel

The most important bit then was the show bags. Super exciting for Oliver who wanted to go a bit nuts in there, but on getting his Hot Wheels show bag, and several toys was suddenly much more delighted to stay longer, so while the others went home we wandered some more. We watched an amazing show of clothes made to look like flowers, ate donuts and went on the Ferris wheel finally.

The weather had cleared a little, but unfortuately when it was our turn on the ride the heavens opened and we went spinning around in rain, all in good fun. One final go on sideshow alley for Oliver and we headed towards the exit loaded with our goodies. Who says you cannot have fun in the rain!!?

Awaiting B1 and B2

and there they are...

Flower costume...humph, interesting

The sandcastle dinosaur

"Ohhh can we go on that!" The Ferris Wheel

Oops and down came the rain on the Ferris wheel

Sideshow Alley...

Checking out the Ambulance

Yo Scooby!

"Does this celery make my head look big?"

British bulldog in the Dog halls

"Look how big I am.... not"

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