Thursday, January 07, 2010

Photo of the Day No.6 - Our New Friends

Last night it started snowing, then snowed more, and more, and this evening when we got home from work after leaving work in a blizzard of snow cornflakes Mark and I headed up to Hampstead Heath and Parliament hill to enjoy the snow.
The lights of London reflected off the white sky and white snow made a potentially miserable winters evening blindingly light. Amazing. Oh, and the crunching sound of snow under your feet is better than listening to coco pops for breakfast. I WILL MISS SNOW!!!
When we got back we "made" a few little friends out front of the flat. Marks was slightly disrespectful of my penguin looking snow man and decided to make his own, more normal (apparently) looking snow man. Perfectly, a kind neighbour had left out their Xmas tree for our new friends to enjoy too.
Ps later in the evening our snow friends got a new friend, seems we're not the only ones building snowmen!!


Heather Anders said...

love it. which one is yours?

Me said...

the one on the right...weird looking fat one!!