Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A bit of Puccini

I love anything that is exotic and beautiful, Opera for me is no exception, though to be honest I did find Wagners "The Ring Cycle" a little tough to watch.

However, this time the opera was Puccini's, "La Boheme" and it was nothing but something of immaculate beauty, something for all the senses.

The singing was champagne for the ears, the story so romantic and hopeful. The set was divine visual splendour, perfectly prepared you could easily mistake that you were sitting in the spectacular Royal Opera House and felt you had been transported to a very wintery, but ever so glamorous 18th century bohemian Paris. The taste was of champagne in the interval and the smell, was that of snow outside when the show ended.

Simply stunning, and yes I did cry at the end.

The Perrier Jouet Bar, nice! And we reserved our interval champers

The view from our seats

See, me with my Champagne

And Miss Amy with her Champagne

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